Leap Education is hiring an Educational Counselor.

Job Requirements:

Master's in Education or Counseling + 12 months of experience in job offered or related counseling position

Job Description: 

Support students’ academic endeavors by guiding students through their educational endeavors, administering advice for college admissions, analyzing student behavior, and monitoring dynamic trends in the education industry.

[Educational Guidance]

• Utilize tests, records, interviews, or professional sources to evaluate the abilities, interests, and personal strengths of students. Develop educational strategies and paths for domestic and

• international students;

• Monitor student’s ability to learn and acquire knowledge of specific subjects to determine whether there are academic, individual, cultural, or language factors that are promoting or

• interrupting students’ education;

• Develop student educational plans to ensure academic success by constructing appropriate referral services through the assessment of student courses, strategies, tutoring, and

• studying;

• Mentor international students to ensure they are able to understand the U.S. educational system and cognitive learning methods to achieve academic success;

• Aid struggling students by developing clear solutions aimed to overcome a lack of motivation in learning, studying, and preparing for future academic goals;

• Conduct orientation programs to promote the adjustment of students to new life experiences, such as starting college or graduate school;

• Coordinate with other directors in concert to ensure the optimal progress for students that are enrolled in multiple programs;

[College Admissions Preparation]

• Ensure that students meet graduation or college entrance requirements through constant monitorization of academic records;

• Educate students about academic career development techniques, college and graduate school application strategies, personal statement writing, and interview skills to ensure the

• effective construction of future academic goals;

• Inform students on academic topics, such as college degree programs, admission requirements, and financial aid opportunities;

• Make informed degree program referrals to students based on interests, aptitudes, and educational assessments;

[Behavioral Analysis]

• Develop strategies for the development of academic proficiency of students by analyzing effective or ineffective practices, habits, and programs to develop;

• Monitor teaching/tutoring methodology, cultural, linguistic, or behavioral issues that are affecting student performance and make adjustments in academic plans or recommend tutoring or

• other preparation courses;

• Give advice to students on educational issues, such as course and program selection, study habits, tutoring options, test preparation, and academic career planning;

[Trends Monitoring]

• Research and teaching theories and learning development to understand how different cultures and backgrounds approach learning;

• Monitor relevant updates and trends in college and graduate school application processes and the test preparation industry to be able to accurately inform students that are making plans

• for their future educational endeavors;

• Research educational theories and information for programs as assigned by management when needed.

If interested, please mail your CV to Leap Education, 17322 Murphy Ave., Irvine, CA 92614.