Leap Education is hiring an Educational Counselor.

Job Requirements:

Master's Degree in counseling or related plus 12 months of experience in job offered or related educational counseling position.

Job Description: 

Provide services for K-12 students:

Provide initial evaluation as to the students' abilities, interests, and personality characteristics. Use tests, records, interviews, or professional sources to help student to develop learning strategies or potential academic career paths for the student, including international students;

Assess students' learning abilities. In a nondiagnostic manner, screening students who may have learning disabilities, or psychological issues who may need clinical diagnosis and care, communicate with parents to seek further professional opinion/evaluations or treatment;

Determine whether there are individual, socio-cultural, language, or academic factors affecting students learning ability, or ability to acquire knowledge of specific subjects, and how these factors promote or interrupt the student’s education;

Collaborating with college application counselor in college application planning, streamline 4-year high school academic and extracurricular plans, strategies and test preparations;

Analyze effective/ineffective practices, habits, identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. Refer students to appropriate services or programs to develop strategies to assist the student to achieve academic proficiency, college application or academic career goals;

Work with students to develop skills, such as organizational and time management abilities and effective study habits;

Monitor whether teaching/tutoring methodology, cultural, linguistic, or behavioral issues are affecting student performance and make adjustments in academic plans or recommend tutoring or other preparation courses;

Monitor and review students’ educational achievements, interest, and the progress student has made in the enrolled programs and in the established educational plans, provide advice on adjustments and ensure student is on the right track to achieve academic or college application goals;

Work with struggling students to develop solutions to overcome the lack of motivation in learning, studying, or preparing for their academic future;

Advise students on educational issues, such as course and program selection, study habits, tutoring options, test preparation, and academic career planning;

Collaborating with other educational plan counselors and parents to provide progress assessments and reports, communicate with parents and other counselors when issues arise and advice on solutions.

If interested, please mail your CV to Leap Education, Job# EC01,17322 Murphy Ave., Irvine, CA 92614.