UC Students Counseling

UC Students Counseling

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•  As a current UCI undergraduate student, is it easier for me to apply to a UCI graduate program?

• How do I select my general education courses to maintain a high GPA and become more competitive when I apply to graduate schools?

• I’m currently enrolled in the School of Social Sciences, how can I transfer to the engineering/business school?

We Provide

Assistance in selecting courses, arranging courses, and changing courses every semester

GPA management, exam and study skills

Clearing holds, such as financial, academic, or for health insurance

Assistance in transferring to similar majors, such as switching from Business Econ to Econ, and adding minors

Establishing graduate school goals and providing consultations for master's program admission requirements

Planning club activities, summer internships, GRE / GMAT exams, and filing the application

What’s my responsibility after signing up for your counseling program?


We expect you to fulfill the responsibility of cooperating with your counselor. While our counselors can provide you with well-planned counseling and guidance, it is expected that you accomplish each step in a timely manner. An effective school plan requires students to be proactive and motivated while working with a professional counselor.

What is your specialty? / What does your UC planning program provide?


With the help of our experienced application team and our comprehensive knowledge of the UC system, we are capable of helping our students boost their GPA, obtain their dream majors, acquire meaningful internship experiences, and build outstanding profiles to apply for competitive graduate programs. 

We provide targeted assistance, including one-on-one coaching and counseling sessions to ensure that each student’s unique needs are met. While developing student plans, we always focus on building students' ‘major spike.’ We guarantee that each student plan is major-orientated, unique, and compelling.