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•  My undergraduate GPA is too low, is it possible for me to get into my dream graduate school.  

• Can I still apply for Top 50 schools without a GRE/GMAT score?  

• Can I apply for another graduate school major?

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Can I apply for two different majors in one school?


It’s possible to apply for two different majors under two different schools. However, as each school has its own admission requirement, we need to get to know school requirements first. 

Is internship experience mandatory for graduate school application?


Not mandatory. Depending on schools students apply for. If students apply for business school, intern/work experience will be helpful. If students apply for life science or CS related STEM majors, lab research would be more helpful than intern/work experiences.

What if my undergraduate school is not highly ranked? Does it affect my graduate school application?


School ranking or reputation will more or less affect students’ graduate school application, especially for top-ranked schools or top-ranked majors. However, graduate schools would prioritize students majors, GPA, and overall quality instead of their undergraduate school ranking.  

Can I transfer to another graduate school?


We do not recommend transfer. Since it is rare for graduate schools to accept transfer credits, students need to reapply for another school instead of transferring.

Only STEM and Business majors are easy to find jobs? 


STEM and Business majors are popular everywhere, as the increasing market needs, it is easier to find a job after graduating. However, U.S. universities have so many majors that are unpopular but still have promising market needs. Also we need to consider students future career goals to find the most suitable majors. 

What is the difference between you and other education centers? 


We are based in Orange County, CA and have served many students from diverse backgrounds, including new immigrants, US-born, international, and Chinese students. Hence, we understand the differences for these various applicants and provide students with guidance to effectively meet their unique needs and goals. In order to acquire the most up-to-date, first-hand college admission information, we also proactively attend college admission conferences every year. Therefore, we are confident that the information and instructions we deliver to students are reliable and helpful. 

Successful Stories  




Chen was an undergraduate student at UCI with a major in Business Administration and Business Economics. She came to us to consult for graduate business programs after her junior year. 


Upon evaluating her background, we found that her college grades were excellent as she had an overall 3.5 GPA, and this served as an advantage when applying to business schools. However, the student’s shortcomings were that she lacked work/internship experience and did not plan to prepare for the GRE. 


Since she had high expectations of being accepted to graduate school, in a short period of time, we helped her make up for what her background was lacking. 


First, we assisted Chen in taking advantage of her summer vacation time and identified two relevant companies to help her gain internship experience. We also encouraged the student to prepare for the GRE and designed an effective test preparation plan. 


With the help of our application staff, the student developed an outstanding major-related spike right before applying to graduate business programs. 


In the end, Chen was successfully admitted to USC MS in Spatial Economics and Data Analysis, UCI MS in Finance, Pepperdine University MS in Applied Finance, and The University of Hong Kong MS in Finance programs.




Shen was originally a community college transfer student and maintained excellent grades during his first two years. 


He then transferred to UCSD and studied Computer Science. Due to the rigorous coursework at UCSD, Shen earned a 2.92 GPA, which is the biggest shortcoming of applying to the popular major of Computer Science. 


Since Shen's grades were at a significant disadvantage when applying to CS graduate schools, our application staff made up for this in two ways. 


First, we helped Shen apply for an internship at a technology company in California, and strategized his school and major selections. 


Instead of choosing CS as his major, we opted to apply for an equivalent major that was less competitive yet still prestigious -- Information Science. 


Finally, he was successfully admitted to graduate programs at Santa Clara University, San Jose State University, and Northeastern University.




Maggie was an undergraduate student majoring in Film at UCR. Due to her desire to change careers, she decided to major in Business for her graduate studies. 


Although Maggie's undergraduate major wasn’t relevant to business, her GPA was excellent. After communicating with Maggie, our application staff learned that she and her classmates had entrepreneurial experiences. 


Therefore, in terms of school and major selection, we had her choose Business as her primary major. In terms of gaining major-related experience, we encouraged Maggie to initiate new business promotions and experiments in her own startup company. 


During the essay writing process, our essay coach fully cooperated, strategically combining the students' undergraduate major and entrepreneurial experiences to craft a highly unique personal statement. 


Finally, the student was admitted to the MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation programs at both USC and UCI.