About Us

About Us

About us

Leap Education is an education consulting company based on Irvine, California, with 21 years of professional experience. We have combined our first-hand college admissionknowledge with our rich experiences in education consulting in the U.S. We are education specialists who take a holistic approach to guiding students to ‘leap’ towards academic success in a positive, supportive, and encouraging environment.

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Diversity is one of our biggest strengths. Our comprehensive education team members come from different fields, namely education, medicine, public health, law, and so on,with the same goal of demonstrating our passion and devotion to education consulting. We utilize our collective specialties to guide students to discover their potential in their respective educational endeavors. We value students’ differences and customize their educational plans based on their unique needs and strengths, with the goal of helping them achieve their academic dreams. Furthermore, we appreciate the entire consulting process. Instead of commanding students, we aim to thrive and explore with them, and aid in developing their independence and confidence to maximize their self-growth.

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